Private Cloud

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For many businesses, virtualisation has been an enabler for the cloud. As businesses have sought to consolidate compute resources, virtualisation has changed the way we think of IT resources – no longer to be managed individually but viewed as pools of resources. A private cloud is simply a secure pool of resources dedicated to use by your business – whether that is hosted on-site or in a third party data centre like ours.

Because that pool of resources is dedicated to your business’ use, there isn’t as much opportunity for cost savings as there would be using the public cloud. The pay-off, of course, is the greater control and for that reason private cloud deployments are often best suited to organisations with strict regulatory, compliance or data requirements. As well as the extra efficiency and agility, if your private cloud is hosted by a third party, you also change the way your IT infrastructure is billed – changing it into a utility rather than capex spend.