About Us

We are a UK based and UK owned cloud services provider, providing fully software-defined and cloud-native infrastructure services in the form of public and private clouds, based on OpenStack, the leading global open source cloud platform.

Our services are designed to cater for any size of organisation, from a web-native startup using public cloud for rapid service development and unpredictable growth, through to large private and public organisations with stringent security, sovereignty or performance requirements.

Our DevOps approach to service delivery and widespread use of open source tools and software, means our services evolve both rapidly and predictably, and that we speak the same language as our customers.

Open Source Cloud

We live and breathe open source, and use it extensively in our cloud services. We’ve built our cloud services on OpenStack to help our customers create web-native applications that are easily portable and interoperable between public and private OpenStack platforms, increasing flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in.

OpenStack is the leading global open source cloud platform, deployed around the world by large enterprises, service providers, research institutions and public sector organisations for critical and demanding applications. OpenStack enjoys extensive support by way of libraries and frameworks available in most common programming languages. It is also comprehensively catered for by infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform, as well as configuration management languages such as Puppet and Ansible.

At DataCentred, we also use the advanced Ceph storage system, which is an open source, software-defined storage platform. Ceph provides resilient, high performance unified block, object and file storage on commodity hardware, with tremendous scalability and reliability.

Whether you choose to manage your virtual infrastructure via a web-based interface, or employ application-based intelligence to scale up and down on demand, you’ll find OpenStack cloud services from DataCentred will suit your needs.

You can set up an account online and start deploying infrastructure within minutes, or should your usage scenario require it, talk to us about private and hybrid cloud services. We’re also happy to set up free trials if you want to explore OpenStack cloud before deciding how to proceed.

Where We Are

We’re based in the UK in MediaCityUK, Manchester. MediaCityUK is an International hub for the creative and digital sectors and home to organisations such as the BBC, ITV and The University of Salford as well as a thriving ecosystem of small and medium sized businesses. From an Internet traffic and peering perspective, Manchester is already the UK’s second largest hub, and as the de-facto second English city and centre of the Northern Powerhouse, offers excellent connectivity, transport links, economic stability and investment.

This investment and commitment to media, technology and research is further evidenced by the support of the Greater Manchester Councils to DataCentred through their Greater Manchester Combined Authority, who along with our other investors, fully support our vision of providing next-generation data centre services from Greater Manchester to help rebalance the UK economy and drive innovation and job creation.