Tom Kirchmaier is a leading practitioner of Big Data empirical analyses and a Fellow at LSE. He says his team are ‘like advanced fools’ compared with the team at DataCentred – read why here.


Tom Kirchmaier at LSE leverages DataCentred’s platform for Big Data empirical analyses

The customer

Tom Kirchmaier is a Fellow of the Financial Markets Group at LSE and has a particular interest in optimising business processes and managing risk by leveraging large datasets of structured and unstructured data – commonly known as ‘Big Data’.

The challenge

Tom is currently working with a large UK regional police force to improve performance and manage risk through empirical optimisation. “We could not deliver what we needed with their systems. Cloud computing was an obvious choice because it is cheap and freely scalable,” explains Tom. “We’re working with large datasets and it makes sense to hold these centrally; we all login to the same place and never move the data out, which is advantageous in terms of both data consistency and data security. Without a cloud solution this would be hard to achieve.”

The solution

Tom, his team and their client decided DataCentred’s public cloud infrastructure would give them the flexibility and data security they required. “What attracted me to DataCentred was that it offers a fully-encrypted secure space with fully-dedicated people and high data security. This is vital when dealing with sensitive public data like that used in our work. We chose DataCentred because it offered more in terms of security and the price-to-performance ratio is phenomenal.”

By deploying leading-edge Open Source technologies, such as OpenStack and Ceph, DataCentred is able to be very competitive on price while ensuring the high performance Tom requires.

The technology

  • Burstable OpenStack compute capacity
  • Low-cost Ceph storage capacity
  • Encrypted data
  • Full suite of OpenStack APIs

The benefits

Tom has been very impressed with the service he has received from DataCentred. He says: “We are quite tech-savvy compared to other researchers, but we are like advanced fools when compared with the team at DataCentred. I call them quite often with more-or-less silly questions. For me, this is one of the big advantages using DataCentred has over the big US cloud companies. If I went with those high-profile players it would end up costing more. I’d be paying extra for support and I wouldn’t have access to the expertise to design the solution exactly as I need it, so I could end up paying more there too.”


“Not many people are doing this stuff and it is actually really cool.”

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