OpenStack Hybrid Cloud

Use OpenStack’s identity federation features to integrate public and private cloud


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Hybrid cloud provides an ideal solution for maintaining a mixed pool of resources, such as hosting mission critical applications and highly regulated data internally, while shifting non-sensitive operations to the cloud.

Take advantage of the flexibility and interoperability of OpenStack cloud to deploy hybrid cloud environments that meet your needs. Leverage our expertise with the OpenStack identity service Keystone, to integrate our public cloud with your own OpenStack cloud, or a private cloud from DataCentred.

From developing rapid proof-of-concept demonstrations through to delivering a hybrid cloud architecture that meets your needs, DataCentred engineers will focus on meeting your security, compliance, performance and resilience goals, whilst delivering a solution that balances flexibility and cost.

Are you are interested in exploring OpenStack cloud from DataCentred? We are happy to offer trial periods to help you test the deployment and performance of your applications.



  • Use the OpenStack federation service to share identity between OpenStack clouds

  • Federate DataCentred public cloud with your own OpenStack private cloud, or one from us

  • Integrate your private cloud with public cloud for unpredictable, seasonal or temporary demand

  • Access resources and execute APIs in multiple clouds using a single set of credentials

  • Integration support from DataCentred experts

  • Use public and private cloud services to balance cost efficiency and assurance

OpenStack Hybrid Cloud

Combine public cloud flexibility and private cloud assurance

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