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Private Cloud
OpenStack has become the leading choice for private clouds around the world for many reasons, including its flexibility, scalability, open source nature and interoperability. However, operating OpenStack at scale and with confidence requires significant expertise and experience.

If you need a private cloud to meet your compliance or security needs, but don’t want the IT costs and complexity associated with managing infrastructure, we can help. Our experience in architecture, configuration and automation will help you deliver the right solution for your organisation.

Let our engineers architect a solution that balances flexibility and cost-efficiency with performance, resilience, security and compliance. Choose from shared storage, locally attached storage or a dedicated Ceph storage cluster. Host the control services on dedicated infrastructure or from within our cloud. Choose to host in our data centre, your own premises or in a 3rd party facility, and connect your cloud to a private network or to the Internet.

Are you are interested in exploring OpenStack cloud from DataCentred? We are happy to offer trial periods to help you test the deployment and performance of your applications.



  • All the flexibility and interoperability of OpenStack cloud in a private deployment

  • Flexible configuration and deployment models to suit your needs

  • Optional private cloud services include native container support, application catalogues and metal provisioning

  • Choose to host your cloud with us, on-premise, or in a 3rd party facility

  • Software-defined compute, storage and network resources to manage manually or programmatically

  • Choose from shared and dedicated storage options on Ceph, or use local compute node storage

  • Fully managed, monitored and supported

OpenStack Private Cloud

Our OpenStack know-how in a private environment

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