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Host your applications with confidence on our UK-based and UK-owned OpenStack cloud platform. Our cloud services are designed to cater for any size of organisation, from a web-native startup using public cloud for rapid service development and unpredictable growth, through to large private and public organisations with stringent security, sovereignty or performance requirements.

A wide variety of instance sizes allow you to build your infrastructure in the most cost-efficient way, with the option to attach SSD volumes from our Ceph storage platform to turbo-charge performance. Our cloud architecture uses triple-redundant Ceph storage to underpin all persistent block and object storage, as well as for ephemeral instance storage, giving you confidence in the integrity and availability of your data.

We provide expert online and telephone based support, from engineers who have deep and varied expertise in building and operating modern, open source cloud services. Our use of DevOps practices to deploy and manage our cloud services means that they are reliable, predictable and consistent. As digital natives, we use the same tools and speak the same language as our customers.

Public Cloud Pricing

Public Cloud Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and utility based, with customers only paying for what they provision on an hourly basis.


Request a Trial

Request a Trial

We are happy to offer trial periods to help you test the deployment and performance of your applications.


  • Self-service, elastic, metered and scalable public cloud

  • Manage multiple projects with flexible user and permission control

  • OpenStack standards compliant, with no API modification and full interoperability

  • Extensive community support with libraries and frameworks for most programming languages

  • SSD storage to accelerate your application performance

  • Create and manage pools of virtual compute, storage and network resources

  • Ceph unified storage, with triple data replication and high performance

  • S3 API compatibility, enabling integration with a variety of applications

  • Comprehensive integration via leading infrastructure-as-code and configuration management tools

No lock-in, vanilla APIs

We pass all the interoperability tests

Our technical team has done the hard work so you can start using OpenStack today.

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