Colocation Manchester - the UK's leading datacentre on your doorstep

Businesses in Manchester are blessed when searching for a leading colocation provider in Manchester. Datacentred is a leading UK provider located right on your doorstep at MediaCity. Come and see why we lead the way for colo services in Manchester.

Colocation Manchester - the UK's leading datacentre on your doorstep

Anyone searching for ‘colocation Manchester’ with a view to transferring their IT infrastructure to a dedicated datacentre will be bewildered by the vast number of results such a search brings up – 139,000 of them on Google UK!

But how do you sort the colo wheat from the colo chaff, as it were?

Which companies in Manchester really can deliver colocation services that will cut your costs and ease your IT woes, and which ones are all empty promises and Emperor’s new clothes.

It’s not easy. At Datacentred, we get that.

But first, can we commend you for looking to choose colocation for your Manchester organisation or business.

The benefits really are very real. Housing your IT hardware in a dedicated datacentre will bring immense bonuses like reducing your costs while improving the security and reliability of your servers.

But why should you consider DataCentred from this abundance of results?

What makes us stand out from the competition among colocation providers in and around Manchester?

We outline some of the benefits below that we know for a certainty we can offer you.

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Key Benefits of Colocation with Manchester’s DataCentred


  1. Carrier Neutral Connectivity

Connectivity is a basic requirement of any datacentre, of course. And we encourage to cross-check this at any datacentre provider that you consider

First-rate connectivity and also options from cloud platform connectivity to transit and optical networks to suit your type of business, organisation and enterprise.

inside colocation datacentre manchester

CARRIER NEUTRAL: We provide more colocation advantages due to carrier neutrality

But at DataCentred, we are carrier neutral, which makes us different from many, as we have a a wide range of carriers and diverse routes.

Why do we believe this is vital for your Manchester company or organization? Because to take advantages of all inter-connectivity opportunities brought about by the digital revolution, you must be carrier-neutral.

As a Manchester-based colocation customer, you will never be restricted.

But you will be with non-carrier neutral datacentre colocation suppliers.

Carrier neutral colocation guarantees you get the right datacentre services for your needs every time.

And, diverse fiber entry routes will also increase the options for network resilience.

Naturally, when you are looking for a colocation provider, we strongly recommend choosing one that’s carrier neutral, as you benefit both technically and commercially from multiple fiber and service providers.

Of course, you might not know which option is best for you, that is where we can help.

We will work with you to find the best colo solution rather than tying you into a one-size-fits-all deal.

You can see more on our connectivity options by following this link.

Call us on 0161 870 3981 or email and ask how carrier neutral connectivity can benefit your Manchester based business or organisation


  1. Reliability and Security

Along with connectivity, reliability and security are the other cornerstones of every decent colocation provider in Manchester, or indeed anywhere.

At our base at Manchester’s MediaCity UK, we have the reliability and security you would expect.

Our tier 3 datacentre has reliable power distribution and back-up power in case of any issues, along with robust monitoring, cooling, fire prevention, suppression and physical security systems in place.

“Our colocation reliability is guaranteed by industry best practice operational processes being stringently adhered to”

Security is further enhanced by fire detection systems and security cameras – indeed all visitors are screened prior to being allowed on site.

secure manchester colocation provider

SAFETY FIRST: Industry leading security practices at Manchester’s Datacentred

Up-time is 99.99%, again an industry-leading figure.

With DataCentred, we guarantee multiple access routes for your data and also the reassurance that all connections are reliable.

And, if there are any issues, we have expert engineers on hand every hour of every day.

This is clearly a major benefit.  Keep your IT in-house, and if something goes wrong you are reliant on someone in your team having the skills to fix the issue, or having to call out an engineer, an option which is both expensive but also likely to delay any fix.

With a colocation provider like Datacentred, if there are any issues, local experts are on-hand to fix them immediately, guaranteeing minimal downtime cost to your business


  1. Proven Route to the Cloud


It seems like every Manchester business is either moving to the cloud or considering moving due to promises of cheaper storage, greater reliability and better security.

This is understandable. When done well moving to the cloud provides a whole host of wins for any Manchester business or organisation.

At DataCentred, we stand apart from other Manchester colocation providers by offering multiple routes to the cloud and having the expertise to know what type of cloud is right for you – be it public, private or hybrid.

We work with all our Manchester customers to massively reduce their IT spend by running their IT systems on our infrastructure.

See more about the benefits cloud computing with Datacentred offers you, or feel free to call us on 0161 870 3981 or drop us an email at


  1. Flexible and Competitive Colocation Pricing

Unlike many companies offering colocation services, our prices are completely transparent with flexible packages to suit your needs exactly.

When you choose DataCentred as your colocation provider in Manchester, you will have a choice of pricing options – namely, the flexibility to ensure you only pay for what you need.

You can choose to pay per cabinet, per KW or to have metered power.

cheap colocation

DON’T PAY FOR WHAT YOU DON’T NEED: We work with you to find the right colocation price for your needs

“We offer the most competitively priced public cloud and colocation of any UK operator”

We also don’t look to tie you into long-term contracts lacking in flexibility; as your needs change, our agile service will reflect that instantly – in short, you will only ever pay for what you are using.

And, we are keenly aware that in a world where everyone promises cheap prices, best value and other such enticing terms, it is better to see exactly what all the costs are from the beginning.

So, without further ado, here is a page with all our colocation provider prices outlined in black and white.

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Datacentred: Manchester’s colocation service provider

We genuinely are Greater Manchester-based; homed in MediaCityUK, Salford: a stunning site playing host to the likes of the BBC and ITV.

Being local, this means you simply must visit our premises and any other local colocation provider in Manchester to see how they measure up. We’re quietly confident, you’ll like what you find.

based in manchester

OUR BASE FOR YOUR COLOCATION: Manchester’s mediacity

You could even make a bit of a day of it with the superb Imperial War Museum North and numerous restaurants nearby.

Arrange a visit to Datacentred’s Manchester HQ and see for yourself the security and reliability that comes with our colocation services

Experienced Colocation Provision


With datacentres and cloud computing being a growth area, there are inevitably new companies in Manchester cropping up all the time.

It is not our place to comment on other companies, but what we can say is that our team are vastly experienced: our management team alone have set up more than 30 datacentres across Europe.

Dr Mike Kelly founder and CEO of Datacentred

VAST EXPERIENCE: Dr Mike Kelly, founder of Datacentred

Whoever you choose for your colocation services in Manchester, please ensure they have a suitable level of expertise; after all few things are more important to your business than your IT infrastructure and the safe-keeping of your data.


Colocation and Industry Sectors

Form software companies, to the public sector, to research and education, to businesses small and large and beyond, we have worked with all types of companies, always providing a bespoke solution that best matches their needs.

Our open-stack platform is ideal for e-businesses; if you’re in the public service you’ll be interested to note we are G-cloud accredited, for research we are Janet accredited, Janet being the UK’s research and academic network.

Get in touch to find out how we work best with businesses and organisations in your sector.

Environmental Friendly Colocation

At DataCentred, we are committed to cutting our carbon footprint.

We are a participant in the 2008 EU Code of Conduct, launched to look into the power usage of datacentres.

And while our datacentre is built on an efficient framework, we are always seeking even more creative ways to reduce our energy consumption further, without negatively impacting the colo services we offer to clients.

Talk to us Today

We realise there is a lot of information on this site, indeed on this page, and you might be looking at other potential colocation service providers in Manchester too.

If you are interested in what we have to offer at DataCentred, please get in touch by calling 0161 870 3981 or drop us an email at

We would be only too happy to discuss your needs and, if nothing else, you will get some free advice on the best solution for your colocation needs.


Knowledge base: What is colocation

Colocation aka colo aka co-location is a rental-space service provided by a datacentre for organisations, allowing them to access their servers, networking equipment and storage while benefiting from lower costs. Costs are lowered due to all maintenance being provided by the colo provider; namely the building costs, physical security, cooling, and bandwidth.

Colocation v Server Hosting in Manchester

server colocation manchester

Colocation differs from server hosting because you don’t rent space on a hosting provider’s server. Instead, you rent space in a colocation datacenter for your own equipment.

How is rental space cost calculated?

Conventionally, space is rented out for server racks/cabinets but many colo providers like Datacentred offer flexible pricing options to suit customer needs, so it can be by cabinet, or per k/w or to provide metered power.

What are the key benefits of Colocation for Manchester organisations?

  • Size. It matters. A large datacentre like Datacentred provides economies of scale for organisations in Manchester who colocate with them. For example, bandwidth. You can access more bandwidth and cheaper than running your own IT infrastructure.
  • Security – This is a massive headache for many businesses: the need to keep that data completely secure. State of the art datacentres are usually best in class for security. This means advanced fire detection and fire suppression systems, CCTV, locked cabinets and so-on. When organisations secure their own IT infrastructures due to the building usages it usually cannot come close to the security that comes with colocation.
  • Reliability – Outages can be catastrophic for a company’s reputation. This risk is hugely mitigated when co-locating. Processes are in place to protect against outages plus datacentres have maintenance staff in hand 24/7. Which is especially vital if you deal with customers/people in different time-zones.
  • Flexibility – Putting aside how reducing IT costs with colocation, present more options for spend; generally, colocation is a considered a more flexible solution. You can personalise with providers like Datacentred how you pay, your build, and, if the datacentre is carrier neutral, the best options based on your needs rather than necessity

Given how the positives hugely outweigh the negatives of colocation is hardly surprising that many commentators see it simply as the future for all businesses and organisations of any size.

You get control over your servers but all the benefits of a datacentre.

Book your visit to Manchester’s leading datacentre today and see for yourself how colocation can benefit you