Garden Toolbox adopts Google’s latest technology AMP 3

It comes as no surprise garden product review market leaders Garden Tool Box are following Google and their latest technology the AMP project, what surprises me is just how fast their website actually loads and the benefits for the end user are sure to follow.

One of the biggest issue Google has always had is trying their absolute best to ensure the end user benefits from each and everyone of their searches. Garden Tool Box owner Brian Turner is quite clear that Google leads and we follow because they pioneer technology for the benefit of the internet community as a whole.

“You can’t put a price on the value of Google AMP. It’s the first time the internet has almost single handedly been categorised, filed, and sped up to a uniform condition that puts all webmasters on level playing terms. To put this simply, no longer do you need to have an incredible dedicated server to keep up with the best of the best.” says Brian Turner.

Garden Toolbox appreciates Google AMP is FREE!

What is even more incredible is the fact that Google AMP is actually free. What the? How on Earth can they provide webmasters with free web hosting essentially that reduces load times of websites to around 300 ms… simply staggering what Google is trying to do for the community and Garden Toolbox intends to take full advantage offering the end user some of the most unbelievable load speeds, the kind we didn’t even think possible some ten years ago.

It remains to be seen how Google can sustain this technology but for the time being Gardeners can rejoice at the possibility of seeing high quality imagery in content in less than a blink of the eye.

You have to hand it to Google. They invent a product, it benefits the masses and solves a problem almost all the time. Sure they’ve had a few failed products but their core money earner is light years ahead of the competition with machine learning…literally.

Can it go any quicker than AMP for our garden readers?

I’m not convinced humans have the brain computational power to absorb a load speed quicker than 300 m/s. Google have practically taken tech to a point where humans can’t keep up and again I have to mention it’s FREE. It doesn’t matter if your a landscape gardener or a garden product reviewer, who wouldn’t want their customers to experience these insane load speeds and ultimately this kind of tech builds trust between buyer and seller.


It’s absolutely a no brainer for anyone that wishes to have a quality piece of information provided to them as quickly as possible that Google AMP will get it done. The fact that even garden companies are now taking advantage of this incredible technology means that its here to stay and it’ll only end up being improved for the masses. Thanks to Google for providing this incredible opportunity for the average webmaster, whether they are a gardener or a brick layer it doesn’t matter, Google AMP does the job.