Public Cloud Pricing

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Public Cloud Pricing

All DataCentred instances are attached to triple-redundant ephemeral storage on our Ceph storage cluster.

SSD optimised instances are easy to provision by attaching instances to SSD boot volumes via the web interface, the APIs or a CLI.

We include one IPV4 address free of charge with each tenancy. Additional IPV4 addresses can be provisioned via the self-service portal.

Instance Pricing
Instance Type CPU RAM (GB) Storage (GB) per hour
dc1.1×0 1 0.5 10 £0.0089
dc1.1×1.20 1 1 20 £0.0168
dc1.1×1 1 1 40 £0.0177
dc1.1×1.80 1 1 80 £0.0195
dc1.1×2.20 1 2 20 £0.0331
dc1.1×2 1 2 40 £0.0348
dc1.1×2.80 1 2 80 £0.0351
dc1.2×2.40 2 2 40 £0.0352
dc1.2×2 2 2 80 £0.0353
dc1.2×4.40 2 4 40 £0.0660
dc1.2×4 2 4 80 £0.0695
dc1.2×8.40 2 8 40 £0.1306
dc1.2×8 2 8 80 £0.1375
dc1.4×8 4 8 80 £0.1391
dc1.4×16 4 16 80 £0.2750
dc1.8×16 8 16 80 £0.2817
dc1.8×32 8 32 80 £0.5250
dc1.16×32 16 32 80 £1.0500

All block and object storage is charged by the hour based on usage. SSD Optimised Block Storage can be attached as a boot volume to any Public Cloud instance type to turbo-charge performance for IOPS intensive applications.

Triple Redundant Object and Block Storage – Backed by Ceph
Storage Type Unit per item
Block Storage GB Month £0.0228
Object Storage GB Month £0.0228
SSD Optimised Block Storage GB Month £0.3000
Additional Service Options
Service Unit per item
Additional public IP Addresses (per IPv4 address) Hour £0.0027
OpenStack Load Balancer (no SSL) Instance Hour £0.0620
Data transfer (public Internet) First 10TB during Month GB £0.0600
Data transfer (public Internet) 10TB – 50TB during Month GB £0.0500
Data transfer (public Internet) Above 50TB during Month GB £0.0400

The table below shows the additional incremental hourly prices for the specified instances running Windows Server. Just add to the instance price in the Instance Pricing table.

The only valid licence for Windows running on the DataCentred public cloud is through these images.

Additional Microsoft Windows Server SPLA licence pricing
Type per hour
dc1.1×2 £0.007
dc1.2×2 £0.007
dc1.2×4 £0.026
dc1.2×8 £0.026
dc1.4×8 £0.026
dc1.4×16 £0.076
dc1.8×16 £0.076
dc1.8×32 £0.076
dc1.16×32 £0.144

Use existing Microsoft licenses with License Mobility

If you have purchased Microsoft software and included Software Assurance as part of the license arrangement, you can use your existing Microsoft volume licensing and move to our cloud platform without paying additional Microsoft licensing fees.

The License Mobility option is available to customers with eligible Microsoft server applications covered by active Microsoft Software Assurance. You can also bring virtual machine images from your on-premises environment to our cloud, enabling you to migrate your existing Microsoft software licenses and configuration to the DataCentred public cloud.

Eligible Products

  Microsoft Exchange Server
  Microsoft SharePoint Server
  Microsoft SQL Server
  Microsoft System Centre
  Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (user CALs)
  Microsoft Skype for Business Server
  Microsoft Dynamics products
  Microsoft BizTalk Server

The use of Microsoft software is subject to Microsoft’s terms. The guidance above in relation to Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance is for your convenience and you should consult your Microsoft reseller if you have any questions about your licensing rights. You are responsible for complying with Microsoft licensing.

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