Linux Foundation

DataCentred is a member of the Linux Foundation, the global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development.

As an open source project begun in 1991, Linux has had an interesting trajectory, but the vibrant community of supporters and its backing and adoption by key industry players has ensured the longevity of the technology. Linux delivers key advantages as a well-supported, secure and lightweight operating system and is a great fit with DataCentred’s OpenStack cloud technologies – DataCentred’s Head of Cloud Computing Matt Jarvis contends, “Linux is absolutely essential when building massively scalable distributed infrastructure.”

The Linux Foundation was founded in 2000 to promote, protect and advance the Linux operating system and collaborative software development more generally by marshalling its members and the wider open source community.

Linux Foundation membership is a natural fit with DataCentred’s commitment to open source collaboration.

DataCentred is committed to advancing open source as a model for software development and as a team we are very much focused on engaging with and contributing to the open source communities of which we are a part. As Matt says, “Leveraging open source is what sets us apart from our peers, and enables us to provide competitive and powerful solutions.”