OpenStack is the leading open source cloud infrastructure stack, backed by a vibrant community of 17,000 members over 145 countries.

It’s also the technology behind our massively scalable and highly available infrastructure.


The DataCentred team has had a lot of love for OpenStack since its early Grizzly releases because of its technical capabilities.

OpenStack enables the provisioning and managing of large networks of virtual machines, enabling users to manage and automate pools of compute resources. The compute architecture is designed to scale horizontally on standard hardware, enabling the cloud economics companies have come to expect. Its distributed and asynchronous architecture allows for a massively scalable and highly available system.

When we saw industry heavyweights like IBM and HP behind OpenStack we could see a compelling commercial future for it too. That’s why we chose to build our cloud compute platform using OpenStack.

Since then, major enterprises like Walmart, HubSpot, Yahoo, PayPal and American Express and research organisations like CERN, Harvard University and the US Argonne National Laboratory have decided that OpenStack cloud best meets their requirements. These real world successes, combined with the support of key Industry players and its vibrant community underwrite several advantages for OpenStack users:

  • Ongoing development and support of the product
  • Regular functional updates and leading-edge development
  • No proprietary vendor lock-in

And, because it is open source, you are guaranteed another important advantage:

  • Low cost.

Largest UK Public Openstack Cloud

DataCentred is the first and largest UK-owned and UK-operated public OpenStack cloud. We offer our OpenStack public cloud on both x86 and ARM64 servers – the first company in the world to do so.

The calibre of our openstack cloud engineering team and our commitment to innovation enables us to always be among the first within the OpenStack community to reliably deploy the latest releases – so that DataCentred customers can access the best technologies and gain competitive advantage.

Our commitment to ensuring our OpenStack cloud is an open cloud means that we support the full suite of OpenStack APIs. We’re the only UK-based public OpenStack cloud service provider to be validated by the OpenStack Foundation for interoperability. This means when you use the DataCentred OpenStack public cloud you can plug into a global network of OpenStack Powered cloud service providers and are guaranteed quality and interoperability.

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