As an open source software with a very active community Ubuntu clearly fits into the open source model to which DataCentred is committed.

We’ve been working with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu for more than three years.

Canonical was created alongside Ubuntu to help Ubuntu reach a wider market and actively contributes staff, code and funding to the Ubuntu project. It is committed to creating and refining the software as well as certifying it for reliability and promoting its use.

Partnering with Ubuntu through Canonical helps us to engage with the technology’s open source community and with the development and certification programmes.

All of our infrastructure – both compute and storage – runs on the Canonical distribution of Ubuntu. We’re not alone in that – according to an OpenStack user survey in November 2014, 64% of production OpenStack clouds are run on Ubuntu.

We also offer and support Ubuntu as a cloud guest OS. It offers significant advantages in terms of security, versatility and regular updates, as well as being the only free cloud operating system to offer an option of enterprise-grade commercial support.

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